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The Official Site of the Hickory Crawdads Hickory Crawdads

Theme Nights

Marvel's Defenders of the Diamond

This fierce identity was designed by Marvel artists as part of the Marvel's Defenders of the Diamond Series. During the Crawdads, Marvel DotD Night in 2024, the team will wear custom jerseys and hats featuring the crustacean emerging from the water logo. The game will also be packed full of Marvel content including music, costumes, and in-between inning games. If you look close in the Crawdads' head, you can see a baseball diamond shaped shadow between the antennae.

Hickory Dickory Docks

The Hickory Dickory Docks identity, presented by Mountain Mitsubishi, is inspired by the nursery rhyme of the same name which begins “Hickory, dickory, dock. The mouse went up the clock.” In the logo, the hands of the clock point to “8:28”, a nod to the local area code, while the swinging pendulum is shaped like a baseball.